Sanding & Sealing

Is your sports hall looking worn and aged?

Old wood sports hall floors have typically not been sanded and sealed or refurbished for many years, this can result in the wood looking worn and tired due to continuous wear which can also cause discoloration. Sports halls require regular maintenance and not just a daily sweep and weekly machine scrub from the caretaker. Every year or so it will require a bit more love and care to ensure longevity. Some sports hall floors are sealed but not sanded so they have had several coats of oil based seal applied over the years which have “yellowed” with sunlight giving a dirty brown appearance. The results are your sports hall floor may be lacking in grip, beginning to splinter or suffering damage to the structure, and looking poor.


A Cost Effective way to make your floor look new again

Sanding and sealing your sports hall floor as part of a full refurbish can make your sports hall floor look as good as new but at a fraction of the cost for a full replacement and with less waste of natural resources. In most cases there will be an excellent quality timber sports hall floor which can be refurbished by sanding and sealing. We sand and seal wood sports hall floors to provide an excellent surface with good grip and an as new look providing there are no deep indentations which cannot be sanded out. We sand all sports hall floors with belt sanders to give a high quality smooth surface and finish with buffers. We have specialist extraction systems to leave minimal dust for a cleaner area and smoother end result and to eliminate time spent cleaning after.


The benefits of choosing Gym Flooring

We specialise in sport hall renovations and are experts in redoing court markings for wood and Granwood installations. We have extensive knowledge of all the available laquers and treatments that best restore your wood floor. This ensures that you are getting the correct finish for your sports hall, gymnasium, squash courts, tennis courts or even a local village hall. If your sports hall floor is made of wood or Granwood flooring contact us to take care of it for you. We’re proud to offer a complete flooring maintenance service.


In summary the benefits of choosing gym flooring are:-

  • A smooth surface sanded with the best quality sanding machines
  • Minimum take off to preserve the future life of the floor
  • Experienced staff with years of knowledge in how to sand different types of floor and different timber types
  • Edges fully blended in to the main area
  • The “right” seal for your requirements whether for high grip or excellent wear characteristics
  • Minimal dust created so minimal cleaning required
  • Fast and efficient service to minimize down time


a skilled task that requires the use of specialist equipment

Sanding and sealing of wood floors is a skilled task that requires the use of specialist equipment and skilled operators to achieve best results from the sanding and sealing of wood floors. When Gym Flooring undertake the sanding and sealing of wood floors care is taken not only with the workmanship involved but also the choice of finishes applied to the finished work. When sanding and sealing a wooden sports hall floor consideration must also be given to the slip resistance of the finish.


We are Fast, Reliable and Safety Conscious Professionals

Gym Flooring can offer you sanding and sealing of wood floors undertaken in a professional manner using state-of-the-art sanding equipment which is fitted with cyclonic dust extraction systems to ensure that all sanding and sealing works are virtually dust free. Wood floors can be sanded and sealed and work can be completed with a minimum of disruption, ensuring that health & safety is of paramount consideration when applying quality finishes which comply with safety regulation and standards.