Why Choose Solid Boards over Engineered

A sports floor and its performance are the results of a system comprising three interacting elements: The undercarriage construction, the solid hardwood floor, and the surface treatment. These factors determine the here-and-now characteristics of the floor. However, in order to ensure optimum life span and performance, periodical checks, maintenance, additional surface treatment, and sanding may be required.

Most sports can be performed on all our sports systems and having installed more than 20 million square metres of sports floors all over the world, we are confident to recommend which sports floor system it the perfect match to meet your requirements. Junckers offers a complete solution which comprises all of our expertise in the design, working closely with installation companies, and giving advice on the periodical control, and the required maintenance.

Recommended Junckers Sports Halls products

DuoBAT 120+

UnoBAT 62+

UnoBAT 50

UnoBAT 45


Clip System

DuoBAT 120+

The solid floor boards are nailed to a resilient sub-construction of two layers

Performance: Area elastic according to EN 14904 class A4
Use: Multi-purpose sports halls/squash courts, Refurbishment, High impact sport
Floorboard type: Pre-finished 22mm 2-strip solid hardwood parquet
Sub-construction: Two layer batten system
Required sub-floor: Even/uneven
Construction Height: Minimum 120-220mm, Maximum 142-242mm
Junckers 25 years fatigue test: Yes
Sanding and re-sealing: Yes (8-10 times)
Suitable for underfloor heating: Yes

Available colours for DuoBAT 120+

DuoBAT 120+ brochures & technical documents