Genuine engineered sports flooring made by BOEN

Wood is a precious viable resource which we are dependent on for many years to come. Boen’s success goes hand in hand with nature and with their share for sustainable forestry initiative they optimise their results by efficient use of resources. At BOEN they have more than 60 years’ experience in manufacturing hardwood flooring and indoor sport flooring. They still strive to continue improving their competence and do their best to share this knowledge with colleagues and customers.

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Singleflex Stadium

Singleflex Stadium is an area-elastic sports floor made up of a single batten

Incorporating a sprung pad cross layered with a counter floor and plastic sheet, topped with 14mm 3-strip hardwood board. It is ideally suited for use as activity flooring, sports halls, dance floors, recreation halls and gymnasiums.

Board Type: 3-strip
Wear Layer: 3.5mm
Board Thickness: 14mm
Board Width: 209mm
Board Length: 2200mm

Available colours for Singleflex Stadium

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