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PAVIGYM™ are determined to bring the Ultimate Fitness Experience to fitness users of ALL ages, body types and levels, by using a combination of the best performance flooring, interactive technology, inspiring designs, and ready-to-use programming. They look for and apply creative solutions to our client’s problems. They like to experiment, detect new needs, and create products that improve the well-being and quality of people’

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Prama 3.0 Sprint

PRAMA 3.0 Sprint is a smart interactive floor with integrated LED’s

A sprint track ranging from 5m to 21m depending on space available, divided into illuminated circles the lights will guide your members improving not only their physical condition but also their body and mind interaction.

PRAMA 3.0 SPRINT is an ideal tool for interval training, reaction training or speed, agility and resistance skills. Members will keep track of their progress and can challenge themselves by trying to beat their own best score, or by competing with other users in the ranking.

Available colours for Prama 3.0 Sprint