GF Sports Surfaces…

offering a wide variety of free weight flooring solutions for the sports and leisure industry.

Our GF Sports Surfaces range includes the very popular extremely durable GF Heavy Duty Tile, perfect for use in Heavy Free-weight areas, We have our GF Heavy Duty Roll, available in numerous thicknesses, an ideal flooring solution for a multitude of applications, The GF Lifting platform is an excellent addition to any training facility, and finally our GF Sled Track, available in numerous colours, this product is highly rated when carrying out explosive power, speed & core conditioning workouts

GF Heavy Duty Roll

GF Heavy Duty Roll is rugged, slip-resistant and a resilient floor surface.

GF Heavy Duty Roll rubber sheet flooring is an excellent heavy duty product for use in a designated free weights and multi-use areas in any boxing gym. This product is available in a variation of thickness’s, 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and 12mm allowing you to refine your acoustic requirements further. If your establishment is above the ground floor and acoustics are important this product can be installed with a 10mm acoustic underlay ensuring the best possible noise reduction. Because of these factors we have installed this product in a number of boxing gyms that require a very durable acoustic flooring solution.

Available colours for GF Heavy Duty Roll

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