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Safety flooring and hygienic wall cladding systems are two of our most famous innovations. We really enjoy working in partnership with you, pioneering new technologies and products. You’ve told us you enjoy it too. We’re devoted to sustainability, recycling and reusing our products. Family owned and run, we share family values; we care about you, each other and what we do.

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Designer 25

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Designer 25

When it comes to rugged, hardwearing safety flooring, Altro Designer 25™ is the real deal.

It’s engineered with quartz, silicon carbide and aluminium trioxide for long-term durability and slip resistance, making it great for heavy duty environments with moveable or wheeled furniture. Altro Designer 25 has a reassuring look and comes in practical, dirt-hiding colours featuring decorative coloured quartz. Designed for low maintenance, it incorporates Altro Easyclean Original Technology for a lasting attractive appearance and savings in time and cleaning costs.

Available colours for Designer 25

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